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The start-up in the profession means that a new period of life begins: You will learn many new things, met new persons and with a good formation we can work for your future. Make the right decisions for a successfully start in your profession life – with the OS-Group.

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The OS-Group offers a formation for the following state-approved training professions:


Overshoot with the OS-Group

As an innovative company the ESA, inTec and VendOS count on young and qualified junior employees. For this we offer attractive training professions and professions with perspective.  Who is interested in our company and will lead his future should look on our category Career”.


The look behind the scenes

Our apprentice Ahmet Dogan (Electrician fitter) at work.

The apprenticeship requires some efforts. Especially the diligence and the conscientiousness in this profession is indispensable, e.g. for the exact examination of security, protection, regular function of electrical installations. Working in security-relevant areas as the electricity supply requires conscientiousness and concentrate work.  Prudence is necessary to not endanger the security of employees while working on current-carrying components and voltage connections.

School achievements are intensively and immediately included in the work. For this mathematics knowledge is really important, because for designing circuit diagrams you have to calculate. While operating with machines for the maintenance and reparations of electrical systems the knowledge in of technology and woodwork is required. The knowledge in physics facilitates the controlling and installation of electrical systems. 

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