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Since January 2015 each apartment has to install a smoke alarm. Approximately 500 persons die because of an apartment fire each year. A simple smoke alarm could already save life.  Around 75% of the victims die at night because while sleeping the natural instinct of humans fails. The sense of smell is practically deactivated.

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Concerning fire many people think: “This happens to others, not to me…” But the fire turns on rapidly. Flames, dark and dense smoke gets through the windows. The inhabitants are enclosed and do not have the chance to escape. This is a scenario which repeatedly recurs: On the average 200.000 times this occurs in Germany per year.

The main cause of death is not the upcoming fire but the smoke. 90% of the victims suffocate because already three breaths are fatally. Technological defects or uncontrolled burning candles are often the cause of the fire.  It is due to the smoke alarms if people can save their life. On the inside of the smoke alarm a light diode sends rays. Towards of this light diode a photocell is installed. If smoke enters the rays are lead to the photo cell and the smoke alarm gives the alarm.


We offer: smoke alarms, carbon monoxide warning devices and heat warning devices- also for caravans and campers as well as for small businesses

  • Proper documentation of installation and maintenance by out TÜV proved specialists for smoke alarms concerning DIN 14676
  • Device pass and maintenance booklet; connected and complete in a document bag
  • Overview of inspection dates
  • Measures for the guarantee of the operational readiness
  • Checklist for the inspection and maintenance
  • Important advices for the behavior in case of fire


Smoke alarms for deaf people - We help you also with this issue!

In summer 2014 the Federal Social Court of Kassel has decided that deaf people are entitled to special smoke alarms with light signals. The health insurance pays the costs. 

Call us: Tel. 0561-9985667-302 or 0561-9985667-300

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