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Complete Customized Solutions:

We manufacture control cabinets and switching systems
according to your personal specification.

Control panels for:

  • electrical control systems of special machines and new plants
  • Control sytems and catenation of machining and assembly stations
  • Low-voltage distribution (e.g. NSRV, LVMD)

Special cabinets for low voltage and medium voltage.

Modernization of existing plants:

  • new control and operation
  • neue security technology
  • [with recipe management and database]
  • [with production data acquisition and database]


In addition, we assume for the production of digital hydraulic controls
and hydraulic power units:

  • Complete units, accumulators, radiator
  • Electronics, accessories, control systems
  • Creation of individual solutions
  • Effective regulation of process-critical movements
  • Reduction and significant energy savings related to the follow-up costs
  • Energy cost savings
  • More efficiency and better performance
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Extension of revision deadlines
  • HYDAC-Control system „Mobile & Stationary“
  • HYDAC-System integrator


In addition, we are set up in the field of power distribution & power management
with various services. These can be grouped as follows:

  • Production of low-voltage distribution frame
  • type-approved (cabinet-) distributions
  • Schneider Prisma Plus - Production of prism plants
  • Cooper eroding


The performance of the control and automation technology are
carried out by our sister company the inTec automation GmbH.


ESA Elektro-Schalt-Anlagen GmbH
Salzgitter Straße 20+24
34225 Baunatal

Telefon: +49 (0)561 9985 667-300
Telefax: +49 (0)561 9985 667-9300

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